im planning, at some point in the not so distant future, to use an attenuator with my Laney VC15. dont know if any of you are familiar with it but it DOES have an extension out- but it cuts out the internal speaker when used.

im wanting to connect an attenuator whilst still using the internal speaker. id also like the option of being able to connect the speaker up without the attenuator. other combos have the internal speaker connected to a jack on the back of the amp but since mine is wired in inside i thought id come here first for a second opinion.

my initial thoughts were to interrupt the cable that currently goes between amp and speaker and hook it up either to the existing speaker out or to a new jack. then make a connection from the speaker into a 1/4" plug.

is this idea sound? if so, how would you suggest i go about making the changes?

ill be honest. . im not the most electrically minded person but if anyone can at least point me in the right direction i can do the rest of the research.

well actually i couldn't understand it, but thats cause im really tired and couldn't be bothered thinking....
sorry, i was tired when i posted it and i think i rambled alot

i want to be able to put an attenuator between the amp and the combo speaker.

the speaker extension socket on the amp disconnects the combo's speaker when its used.

so what is going to be the best way to be able to hook up an attenuator when needed?

if i put a 1/4" jack on the end of the speaker wire and plugged that into the extension socket (8-16 Ohms) would it be ok? the internal speaker would, to the amp, seem to be missing so im worried this could cause problems (maybe output transformer issues).

would there be a way that i could put a speaker send and receive to send out to an attenuator?