I know alot when i comes to effects. i know the basic effects chorus distortion overdrive etc. but i dont know what reverb does. can some one help me out???
you should probably take this to the guitar gear and accessories forum (just to avoid further problems)

and the best way i can describe it is to say that it gives your guitar a "wet" sound. almost like a slight echo.
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I think what it does is, say in Eruption, it sounds like he is in a big room with echo-like acoustics, I think it is that echo kind of sound.
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yeah, its a slight echo that gives a very warm feel... Reverb can either come from your amp or from the area you're playing in. yesterday, in my friend's house, there was a LOT of reverb in the one room i was in... it sounded really good.
reverb makes it sound like your in a huge room that echos.

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