vm 70s jazz...i love mine more than any fender ive played (except MIA and highway 1 series)
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I'm with TS on this one. I might pick one up when I head back up to school in January. The local place has one for $175 used.
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i love my squier standard jazz
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i like the VM p's both of them
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really close, but the jazz is ahead due to versatility.
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i have an 80's squier jazz bass...not sure the year
got it for free
sounds awesome
my favorite by far
i have a 1987 Squier Strat, its modded, i just love the fact its red and it sounds red hot, so i called her Ruby.
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My friend has a squier p bass and I've played it a lot. I really like the feel of it and if I ever get a bass, I will probably get one of those. Seems like a fine bass for the price to me.
A squire standard p-bass special, my first bassand i loved it, It twas amazing.
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i love my squier standard jazz

+1! Used it for four years, got my Highway 1 P in June but I still whip out the old squier sometimes at band practice and stuff
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My favourite I've played is the 50's CV Precision.

I reeeeeeeeally like the look of the VM telebass that OP posted, looks like it'd get a great vintage mud tone
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i just LOVE the VM and CV series, ive played the Jazzes (VM fretted and fretless and CV), im gonna go on a hunt for the Precisions soon
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The VM fretless gets no love...
I love me a good Jaco bass, and this one was $90 new! Heavily discounted of course.
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I love the Standard Jazz in Antique Burst (Red to Black)
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I'm with DeltaFunk
My Squier Precision(on the left)

Modified with Fender 1962 reissue pickups, chrome covers, thumbrest, and tort pickguard. I also think the VM Jazz is sweet. I played one at guitar center and it was almost as good as my MIM Jazz.(on the right)
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