kr3w emerica93 (6:35:08 PM): Hey bitch. I want sex with your fatass.
SantaClaus (6:35:08 PM): Hey. You're back. Stretch that window and fire away.

kr3w emerica93 (6:35:30 PM): I'll stretch that butthole of your's!
SantaClaus (6:35:30 PM): Type menu to get your to do list for the holidays.

kr3w emerica93 (6:35:49 PM): You're the only one on my To Do list.
SantaClaus (6:35:49 PM): Well what do you think?

kr3w emerica93 (6:36:00 PM): I think you need to pull your pants down.
SantaClaus (6:36:01 PM): Indeed!

kr3w emerica93 (6:36:07 PM): THEN DO IT BITCH!
SantaClaus (6:36:07 PM): Hmm, that's a lump of coal for you.

kr3w emerica93 (6:36:41 PM): I'm not into all that kinda **** man...
SantaClaus (6:36:41 PM): My goodness. You've earned another lump of coal. I'm sorry but this is the last warning and lump of coal I can promise you. Any more cursing and I'll have to stop talking to you. Please, type menu; let's try to get in the Christmas spirit.

kr3w emerica93 (6:36:52 PM): FECES RAPE!
SantaClaus (6:36:52 PM): Well, that's it. I'm sorry, I'm in complete agreement with the elves on this one. I cannot instant message with you any longer. Add one to the Bad List.

kr3w emerica93 (6:37:59 PM):
SantaClaus (6:38:00 PM): We're sorry -- Santa has returned to his workshop. And you've been added to the Bad list.

kr3w emerica93 (6:38:04 PM): Menu?
SantaClaus (6:38:04 PM): I'm here to help. I can tell you where to find almost any gift or just type a number:

1 . Xmas Gift Finder
2 .. Wish List -- <<WL>>
3 ... YOUR Shopping List
4 .... Play Xmas Games!
5 ..... Xmas Polls and Voting
6 ...... 3 Million Santa Helpers on AIM
7 ....... Let the Elves find UR holiday gifts

Search for: Digital Cams | iPods | Laptops | Xbox

kr3w emerica93 (6:38:09 PM): X
SantaClaus (6:38:10 PM): Hey. Follow the directions. To play hangman type, hangman then start.

kr3w emerica93 (6:38:17 PM): I'll hang your man!
SantaClaus (6:38:17 PM): Excuse me?

kr3w emerica93 (6:38:24 PM): I will suck your penis.
SantaClaus (6:38:24 PM): I'm only asking you to try asking me and the elves another way.

kr3w emerica93 (6:38:52 PM): I will suck your **** stick.
SantaClaus (6:38:52 PM): Oh dear. I just get so depressed when I hear that kind of talk. The English language used to be one of my favorites.
A lump of coal for you.

kr3w emerica93 (6:39:05 PM): Don't **** on me again!
SantaClaus (6:39:05 PM): Ho! I told you once, no bad language. Another lump of coal for you. I'm afraid that if you persist, I will be forced to sign off. Please, type menu; let's try to get in the Christmas spirit.

kr3w emerica93 (6:40:14 PM): I'm gonna sue you!
SantaClaus (6:40:14 PM): Hmm. Why don't you type, games, maybe that will put you in the Christmas spirit

kr3w emerica93 (6:40:21 PM): I'm Jewish.
SantaClaus (6:40:21 PM): Cool. You in that Festival of Lights spirit?

kr3w emerica93 (6:40:25 PM): No.
SantaClaus (6:40:25 PM): Whoa! That will not do. There are lots of fun and games here for everyone to enjoy. You can even win a little gelt! Now type menu to get in the spirit.

kr3w emerica93 (6:40:34 PM): What kinda Spirit?
SantaClaus (6:40:34 PM):
It's not so much the 'what' as it is the 'why'.

kr3w emerica93 (6:40:46 PM): Why kinda Spirit?
SantaClaus (6:40:46 PM):
If you start spreading the Christmas spirit, it will be come obvious.

kr3w emerica93 (6:41:17 PM): I'm Jewish asshole.
SantaClaus (6:41:17 PM): Cool. Hanukka rocks.

kr3w emerica93 (6:41:29 PM): No, Hanukka is Metal.
SantaClaus (6:41:29 PM): I hope your Hanukah was happy and full of love.

now where can i find this place?

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Hmm, I think both conversationalists would fail the Turing test, congratulations.

+10 creative points for "**** stick", though.
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