So me and a friend want to make a band, more of a screamo band, but more musically heavier.

I can do some sick pig squeals, but thats not what we wanna go for. I can do mid-range exhales and some ok high screams, but I can't hit lows.

Any advice on how to reach those low slamming gutterals without resorting to my inhales?
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The Growling thread in the Metal forum could probably help you out a bit.
Just practice going lower and form an "O" shape with your mouth.
I hear drinking warm water loosens up the vocal cords allowing for a lower growl as well.
why dont you like inhales?
im not trying to show off, but i CANT do exhales at all, i dont know how. but when i do inhales i can do all the "all that remains" screams.
all the highs and all the lows and all the mids.
and when i do inhale, it actually makes my singing voice better.
howcome you dont like inhales?
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Project the voice from your gut, not your face.

If you can sing, try pushing your voice down and force it out.

When it hurts, stop, and continue the next day. Keep doing that and each day you'll be able to do it a bit longer.

I did that and after a weak i was able to do it for 1/2 an hour before it got painful, even though the first day i could only do it for 3 minutes (1 Deicide song)
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