I know what tone I am looking for.

I want a bright, yet mellow sound.

I am looking for the closest thing that would be gig-worthy.

What price-range wopuld be considered gig-worthy but not expensive?

$500-700....? What would yall say?

I think 30W covers anything I play and then some. 30W is a good volume for me.

So, I am looking for a:

30W tube
for classic rock, folk, and jazz
$500-700 budget

Since I am in a small town, the only brands we have (that meet what I'm looking for)are:

Blackheart (only 5W versions, but can order 15W)
Fender (but they sound like crap with Casino)

of the above which should I try?

which would work best for the above specs?
A Vox AC30 is fine, too.
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In my opinion, Fenders sound awesome with a casino. The Vox AC30 is way out of your price range, but see if the AC15 stays clean at high volumes, I've never pushed one so I wouldn't know. A bunch of people are gonna say Peavey Classic 30, so go give that a shot as well.
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I am thinking between Classic 30, Pignose (though I havent tried it, yet), Vox AC15 (havent tried yet, but it should be good.).

Bottom line between Classic 30 or AC15 (depends on how much headroom).
I was going to say Fender Twin Reverb or the likes... It's bright, has a very nice and smooth clean and takes effects extremely well. I have one. It's 85 watts though and I think a little out of your price range and I don't know quality of fenders lower than this price range.
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Fender Blues Jr, with an OD depending on what Classic Rock sound you'll satisfy for. (It's not gonna sound like a roaring Marshall no matter how you EQ it )

The Blackhearts are AMAZING, I'd reccomend the 15W version, as it has a proper volume control, allowing you to have some drive at lower volumes and cleans at higher volumes.

Vox AC15 might do it for you, check it out.
AC15, Vox make amazing amplifiers.
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no fenders!!!

EDIT: I tried the Peavey Classic 30 only twice (I need a few more times to try it before I decide), but so far, I seem to like it enough, its not the Holy Grail, but its very nice so far.

Have yet to try AC15.

This time next week, I'll have my final, final, final decision.
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