I know not a lot about this, but I'd like to learn, as I am recording a bunch of stuff with my band now.

All we have that we've been able to use is an SM58 (not ideal, I know, but its not that bad for the job really... is it?)

Where would be the best place to place the microphone on the amp. How close, where in relation to the speaker, and at what angle kind of thing?

Also, I could put a second SM58 on it if that would help, but I doubt it, as there's only one speaker in the amp. For overdubs later on, where I'm not playing in a live band situation, I have 2 descent condensers I could use as well, but I don't want to use them when playing with the whole band, because we're pretty close to complete isolation right now, and that's REALLY convenient.

So where should I place a single mic relative to the speaker, and would the condenser be of use if I was recording the guitar alone?

Thanks alot!
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i like my mics about 6-8 inches from the front of my cab, and about 1-2 off center, but that's just me. try a bunch of different mic placements and see what you like best. and if you're using a head+cab, try micing each speaker and listen for which one sounds best.

edit: and sm58's are good mics and will work fine, but a lot of people prefer the sm57's for guitars
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Experiment with mic placement is my suggestion. You will get different tones depending on the placement.

One mic per amp is fine.
Well different angles give off different tones i think i read that somewhere.
if you place it somewhere it gives a more treble tone and if you place it somewhere else it gives a more bassy tone.

You should be able to find something on the internet with a diagram