Hi, I've been trying for the pat few hours to intonate my strat but it just doesn't seem to be working. My problem is that when I play an open high E or B note they buzz/twang like crazy, yet they aren't touching any frets! Does anyone know anything else that could possibly be buzzing? (It sounds like it's closer to the bridge if that helps.) Thanx
The problem is that it's a strat.
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there may be something wrong with the saddle or your pickups are to high and are touching them. Raise the action a bit and see if its not buzzing.

To find out what fret the buzz is happening on (if its on a fret) press down like your playing a note on the fret, actually on the metal fret, and if you play that and it buzzes well then the next fret up (towards to the bridge) is to high. Repeat for every fret and then level and shape and whatever with a file, although you say its not your frets. Could also be something wrong with the nut...