I'd like to know everyones opinion on what gauge strings they use. But not only that, why you like that particular gauge.
I use .10s, but am wondering what would be the best gauge to play Bloodbath in? they're in some rediculously low tuning
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I use 9's, it's comfortables for me, and you can play faster than with 11's
maybe I change to 11's because of low tunings but i don't know
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I use 11s, but im moving up to 12s, and maybe 13s.
Cuz I’ve been into drop tunings lately, and 11s are too light for D, C, and C# standard, for me anyways.

Wow, I use 11s and tune to E standard. I'm thinking of stepping up to 12s because they are too loose for me!

Yes, the scale length of my guitar is 25.5 too.
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10 - 46s (regular slinky) for me, excellent for standard tuning!
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i switch between 0.10 and 0.11
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ernie 10-52 for drop d/c

easy high bends and still large gauge strings at the low
10's i think are ideal for me, i have strung my guitars with 9's 10's and 11's and 10 seems to be the best balance

11's aren't too bad

i will say this-i like playing 11's and then moving to 10's or 9's cuz my hands are stronger

but 10's are what i feel best in
10-56 I think
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9s. Delicious two-step bends.
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Ernie Ball .10-.52
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