so for christmas, my mom is getting me an old sony turn-table from like the 80s and she has a couple alod vynyls and do they still make them? because its kind of pointless to have one if they dont meke them anymore.
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I thought some bands still release some vinyls of their albums.

Or at least, I heard that before...
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yes, vinyl sales doubled this year and are going to surpass cds soonish.
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Well i know you can still buy vinyls, and yes, new ones are made. Apparently AJFA was reissued on vinyl earlier this year, although that's about the only metal/rock vinyl I've seen produced this year. plenty of dance stuff if you like that..remember I'm in UK though.
Find a local music store.

Usually you have to find them with a searchbar, a magnifying glass, and a metal detector, but when you do, you'll find some gems to play on your turntable.
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yea.. band's release vinyls still..

i bought a vinyl at the last show i went to for 5 bucks, but don't have a record player, so i'm kinda screwed for listening to it.. i want to so bad.
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oh i forgot, are tey more expensive than cds? how much is the average cost of them
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Yes, they do.

She should invest in English lessons for you.

She should've invested in:

Far better.

Regardless of your terrible spelling, Yes, some bands do make Vinyl's of their albums.
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yup, theres still vinyl coming out of new bands,

but i think the sweetest part about vinyl is collecting old ones,

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She should've invested in:

Far better.

Regardless of your terrible spelling, Yes, some bands do make Vinyl's of their albums.

Very nice. And you stayed on topic.

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Any group that does electronic music or hip hop releases vinyls, my brother has tons along with some goodies like Bob Marley and War.

But a lot of bands are releasing their albums on vinyl, it's becoming pretty popular again so you just gotta know what stores to look in, usually high-end record stores like Virgin Records.

I think vinyl has an interesting quality, to me it sounds more real than CD, vinyl just seems to pick up on sound better than electronic media does.

EDIT: I just remembered, Hot Topic usually has a lot of vinyl albums by punk bands, though I once saw one for the Wu Tang Clan and another by NWA
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i bought nevermind the bollocks - sex pistols a few days ago at HMV, it doesn't really count as new, but they're getting popular again
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Yes, they do still make vinyl. Both reissues and new albums. On vinyl I own:

Beck - Sea Change
Weezer - Red Album
Mindless Self Indulgence - If
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
The Soundtrack from Juno

I've seen plenty of albums released on vinyl. Metal, Indie, Punk, Classic Rock reissues, even a Justin Timberlake album.
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I went to the huge Zavvi in London some time ago and they have a huge shelf full of vinyls and turntables and stuff. It was awesome.
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I know that Coheed & Cambria's latest album was released on vinyl.

Apparently theres been a revival of vinyl because of audiophiles.
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