I have a Ke2 Jackson and it has a floyd rose system. I dont know how to chnage my tuning. Im in standard right now, but how can i change it to drop C? What steps do i need to take to change the tuning with a floyd rose system?
You will need new strings first off. I recommend 12's. Then you will have to tune it to drop c with out the nut locked. And have to a just your spring tension down till your Floyd floats level. that's a long process of tuning, and adjusting the strings until you get the tension just right to balance the Floyd. then you need to drop the bottom two strings almost a whole step down, and the mids a half step from what you want them to be so when you lock the nut they don't raise to high. Plus don't forget to leave your fine tuners in mid range. I suggest getting a non Floyd guitar for dropC/D tuning. Or a carvin with out a locking nut.