my friend did this on a squire strat: basically the underneath of the pickguard was fully routed he refitted a pre-wired pickguard with emgs.

was just wondering if anyone knows if the ibanezs with pickguards, say the rg350s
are fully routed? or if it would be possible to refit with just 2 emg hums.

many thanks!
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I don't know of any prewired pickguard with EMGs that would retrofit onto an RG.
They're all Strat pickguards.
And even then, the only HH one is the Kirk Hammett 21, with and 81/81 set.

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if was to get that tho, couldnt i just get a custom pickguard for the 350, and if its just routed for 2 hums and sc in middle surely just not have a sc?

if that makes sense...
Jackson DK2 Trans Black

Peavey 6505
Marshall 1960AV