1 hour a day minimum for me. I usually play 5-6 hours on my days off. When I first started playing it seemed the guitar was never out of my hands though.
I do about 30 minutes a day of real practice (i.e. exercises and scales). Then anywhere from none to 3+ hours of learning songs, playing them, or just messing around.
On school days, about 2 hours (sometimes 0 though, depends on what else I'm doing). Days off normally 4
Not enough... Maybe an hour a day tops. I kinda lost my interest, regained it and now it's starting to seep away again... it sucks
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sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes 2 hours.
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min 15 a 30 minutes for practrice and about 0-1hour of simple repeating james bond intro's and that kind of stuff
I just practise whenever I can. I don't usually have a set time period or anything althought there are certain things I practise some of the same things everytime too and some stuff I've been trying to do but failing miserably.
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this forum is for new people (or anyone really) to ask questions about using the site and forums. if you'd like to talk about learning guitar, try Guitar & Bass Basics
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