I was just wondering if you can put any head on amp or cabinet? I have been playing for about 3 months and would like to get a new amp and was just wondering about my question above.

Thanks for any advice
you've been playing 3 months, don't get a halfstack.

if anything get a 30 watt solid state combo.. that should suit you fine. A big combo is enough to gig with and play stadiums. There really is no need for a halfstack, and the money to buy a cab and head separate is huge

and no, you can't put any head and cab together, you have to match ohm ratings
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Nope you can't match any head and any cab. They need to be able to handle each other or you'll blow up your amp.
Also, i'm not sure what you mean with the put any head on amp or cabinet. The head is the amp. Maybe i'm reading it wrong.
Anyway the answer is no, watch out, or you'll blow away your money.

Alos liek the guy above said, get something smaller. A combo is fine. I have a marshall half stack and a marshall combo, both the same amp, and i'm very lucky to have the combo because it's great for rehearsal and gigs with little space on stage.
Ofcourse I love my stack and use that for many other gigs too. But the combo is more practical, and much smarter, plus you're a 3-month-in beginner..
Get a small, nice, tube amp. 30 watt all tube combo is perfect.

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IMHO stick with what you have untill you have a year or two under your belt. You're just gonna punish anyone in a 50ft. radius with your woodsheding.

No you can't just stick any head on any cab. You have to make sure the ohms match and the amp isn't putting out more ohms then the cab is designed to handle.
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