I just replaced my emg 81 81 set with a duncan Sh6 and an Sh1. Now, it was a vol,vol,tone config at first but now ive made it a vol,spin-a-split with the sh6. This was my first stab at soldering and i was able to make it produce sound. However now my tone sounds like someone took the treble and put it to 13...even after putting my amps treble down to 0. This creates this weird harsh tone, almost like a hsh sound mixing in with my playing. I have a feeling that it is due to my extremely poor soldering skills. Can anyone shed some light on this?
^Higher value pots increase high frequencies.

What value capacitor are you using on the tone knob?
i took out the tone knob. I only have a a master volume and a coil split. I am using 500k pots. I was told to use 500k for passive humbuckers. Could it have anything to do with bad grounding?
Well thats your problem. Even with the tone knob all the way up, there's still some frequencies shunted to ground. With no tone, all the frequencies make it through.
ah, i thought with no tone knob is the same as having the tone knob all the way up. I may go get and put in a tone knob. Also, i sat for a while and listened to the noise, it basically sounds like a wooosh, but in static form. Not that normal crackling sound. This is the same exact sound everytime, so i dont think it is originating naturally from my signal as just high frequencies.