Might be a waste of a thread, but what if I drew on my guitar one the white spaces with a permanent marker? Would it soak into the wood or something?
I know, I know, "WHY WOULD YOU DRAW ON YOUR GUITAR!?" but I have something in mind.
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paint would look much less n00bish, and look way cleaner anyways.
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Pernament marker sucks.

Go buy yourself a paint marker!

Those are the sh!t

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So to the topic of paint, what kind of paint would I buy, would it cost alot, and would it come in colors?
just normal spray paint should do, and yes it comes in every colour possible (except rainbow)
Spray paint...thin sprayer-thing? I don't want it to get all over the regular finish. Should I take the strings and pickups off, too?

Sorry about my noobness.
Well before we go making any drastic judgements I have to ask.....

What exactly do you have in mind? Are you writing on it? Drawing a picture? Or are you going for a solid color? When you say white parts, I assume you're talking about the actual guitar, not the pickguard or something?

To answer your first question, no, it wouldn't soak in, nor will it damage your guitar in any way. After a while it'd smear off, unless you clear coated it.
My guitar is actually black with a spider web design.

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and just for fun,

I was planning on using purple permanent marker on the spider webs to make it more like an extension of my soul and not just an instrument. But since I can get paint, I was going to start over, paint it white, and then draw on it.
I was also going to ask about putting a pick guard on it.
Nice dog. I have a Pomeranian. Now, back to business. You should probably keep the web design-- it's cool. Get a white pickguard built in and you will never scratch it. If you do end up painting it, what will you draw after? What color?

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Yes, the guitar came like that, black with white web design. Last night I did some little stuff and drew checkers on the tuning keys and pegs, and coloured the volume control black.

I was thinking that sometime I could do it in the old Fender sunburst finish, I'm not sure if that would be too hard. I thought that painting it would be fun, I was going to paint it a light colour like white or light blue and then write some famous quotes on it, or scribble in different colours.
The thing about a pickguard is, I'm a noob, so I don't know how to stick on a pickguard. I'm not sure if I would glue it, or screw it on, and if it would mess with the electrics. I also only have one pickup, so I'm not sure where I would fit a pickguard that would have a design cut in it like that, or I could cut it in myself?
You said you liked the idea of Purple webs?

Scuff sand the guitar with P220 grit.

Apply two coats of Primer.

Level that as best as possible to P220 grit.

Wipe with Acetone.

Spray your Purple.

Let it dry fully.

Use plastic painters tape, about 4mm across and mark out the spider web design.

Wipe over with acetone.

Spray white 2 coats of 3 passes (same for the purple)

After about 10 mins, start pulling the tape, at 90 degrees from the surface, so it shears the paint.

Let that dry.

Apply two coats of clear ( 2 coats of 3 passes).

Dry then wet sand to 600 grit.

Another 2 coats of clear.

Leave it a few weeks, then you can cut it with 1200 grit and polish it.

You cant do it with the bridge there, or the strings there. So they have to come off.

So do the knobs and switches, so yes. Neck off too. And mask the neck pocket, you don't want paint in there.

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^Thanks for the great reply
So with that, is it mandatory to take the neck off? Or is it okay if I get paint there?

yeah you would pretty much have to take it all apart..