I have an Ibanez AX220QM
ive had it for a little over a year now..no major problems
i plug in my guitar one day to my amp and i hear this loud annoying buzzing sound and not much guitar..
im thinking its the amp but after a series of tests turns out its the guitar
i opened up the back part and soddered a wire that seemed to be disconnected..and now its playing silence
any ideas?
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Take it to a shop??

thats my last resort..figure i try it myself first
u might mess it upp more, go shop
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what did you solder where?

are you saying that after you soldered a loose wire the guitar no longer works?

your original problem seemed to be a grounding issue.
if it's a ground wire that was loose, you need to solder it to a common ground.

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I had the same issue with an 88' S540. Had to take it to the shop... dont waste your time unless you have wiring schematics and you know what you are doing.