I have so much stuff i want - gear wise - i cant decide what to get - just wanted to throw this out here and see if you have any ideas

Part of the problem i have is the more stuff i buy the better i think ill sound, when really i probably just need practice.

Current gear
Marshall 250DFX (amps i think are my weak point)
Ashdown Fallen Angel 40 - all tube, but a little bass-e

Mexi strat with Seymour Duncan Hotrail Bridge (probably fav guitar)
Mexi tele
gibson faded dc with p90s
gibson faded SG with open face humbuckers
LTD EC-1000
Yamaha f-335 acoustic

bad monkey overdrive
boss ds-1
pocket pod
boss blues driver

So thats my gear, here's what i want -

Descent recording software to help me get better
great amp to get me that classic rock and 80's rock tone
one more acoustic; love my yamaha, but it was a only 145 bucks

Thinking tiny terror or mesa boggie 5:25
alvarez acoustic or epi masterbilt
simple recording gear (not sure what kind yet) or studio package deal

Mostly play classic rock, and like the tone of 80's shred
i get the acoustic bug every once a while, like playing a good easy country song on occasion; and i think recording myself will help me get better

My amps really dont dial in the tone i want; i want to be able to have some distortion, but not be too muddy (if that makes sense); actually, i might need to try my ashdown more, havent really played on it that much

anyway - the wife has to get me an xmas present, and of course i want gear, but have no clue what i really want

what do you think, save up for the tiny terror or the mesa, or go buy an epi masterbilt ; or go cheap and just get some recording gear like the line6 stuff

thx for hearing my somewhat pointless rant
yea, im trying to sell that marshall 250dfx, but no bites....thought they may take it as a trade in, but no such luck yet
Use eBay. I sold one for a friend, and the bidding actually became competitive. So funny. We got a decent chunk of cash, too.
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you mind me asking how much you got for it, i was hoping to get 400; its like new
created posted late over the weekend and it got pushed to the back, bumping this one time
I want:

A blackheart 15w head
an orange 15w head
a fender MIM telecaster
A rack amp(the preamp, power amp, and a modeler are all tube and all mounted on a rack setup)
looper pedal
something like a splawn, soldano, or similar might be cool for the amp, if you can stretch to it. you have a pretty wide and nice selection of guitars (most bases are covered), so a nice amp would be the way to go, IMO.

unless you want to go acoustic, of course, i don't really play acoustic much, if at all, so i'm no help there.
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I also have that problem. I can't decide whether I should get a wah and chorus pedal for my guitar, a new amp for my guitar, or get a new bass and amp.
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