Well. I have been playing Creeping Death alot latley. I have the solo down pretty well i guess. ( if you wanna see it look at my page), but I can't seem to perfect the thing. (the solo). I play it straight for like 4 hours somedays, but I doesnt seem like im getting any better at it. Any tips?
I don't ry not playing it for a while (a few days?), and then try playing it at an outrageously easy speed. Keep speeding up and you should get it.
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go and come back to it
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yeah learn a diff song, then come back to it....sometimes just the motivation of a new song helps your playing, then ull be better and more relaxed to go back to it
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Like the last few posts said.. Take a break from it and come back.

Even try breaking out into another song while in the middle of playing it
Sounds pretty good. Your trem picking could use some work. The muscle memory is definitely there but the strength seems to be lacking. Maybe you should lay off and let the muscles rebuild. Because you probably just need to build that up a little better, but cant because you don't stop exhausting your wrist from the tremolo picking. Think about it like body building if you never stop working out, rested and ate something. You would just waste away. Same with guitar playing and practicing certain techniques way to much.
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You could take the sections of the solo that you are least comfortable with and play them slowly with a metronome like thefreshman said. Keep building up the speed until you can play it clean without mistakes at the proper tempo.

It might be kind of boring but its a good feeling when you completely nail something.

Oh and heres a link to an online metronome