Why are so many cables gold plated now? It seems like a gimmick to me. This article speaks about it a little, http://www.guitarnuts.com/technical/cords/index.php and the only thing it seems they are good for is being low in resistance but that really doesn't matter according to this article. I'm just wondering because there are a lot of cable forums in which people rave about planet wave cables but they're pretty expensive just because they're gold plated. I need some new cables and I don't feel like spending 150 bucks. I was thinking dimarzios.
get a monster or planet waves cable.. they're 25 bucks for 15 feel if i remember correctly.. you'll hear a difference if you were using livewire cables or something similar. they aren't 150, you're crazy to spend that much.
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Monster cables add mids and call that "clarity". I call that a crap product.

I have a Planet Waves Circuit Breaker cable and it's fine for my purposes. However, Mogami cables are supposed to be amazing: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Mogami-Silver-Series-14-Straight-Instrument-Cable?sku=339028

While gold plating is most definitely a gimmick, most quality cables come standard with it anyway.
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they aren't 150, you're crazy to spend that much.

I mean I don't want to spend 150 on like 4 cables. Only a dumbass would buy a 150 dollar cable.