Hey all, I was wondering if there is supposed to be a little bit of extra room for your guitar within a hard case? It fits snug, but I can easily push the guitar up and down within the case...there is about an inch of space where I can move it around all around the body....

Oh, and if it matters, I have a Takamine GS-330S
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As long as the guitar is stationary inside the case when it's all closed up and latched there's no problem. If the guitar can move around inside the case with it shut, then the case is too big for the guitar.
When I close the case, and put the case straight up and move it from side to side, I can feel the guitar move around inside it. Did I get the wrong case size?
Sounds like it. Look at the inside of the lid. There should be a thicker padded area right down the middle of it going lengthwise. When you close the lid, this added padding should gently press down on the strings and keep the guitar nice and snug. There ought to be imprints of the strings leftover in the fabric on the inside. That's your tattle tale that the case is working.
Hmmm, I left it in the hard case over night all locked down, and when I opened it this morning, the imprints of the strings were only near the end of the neck (where it meets the body), and all the way to saddle. Perhaps it is the right case size, then?

Here dude, I uploaded two pictures.

My finger is pressed against the little padding, so you get to see exactly how much room I got.


Keep in mind the guitar is pressed up against the top of the case so you can see how much total room I have! Thanks.
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My soft/hard case has a lot of room. My hard case fits really tight around my guitar where it doesn't move much at all.
It's just a little too big by the look of it. Someone I know has the same problem with his Tak because his is a mini jumbo and he couldn't get a proper case to fit it. What he did was buy a case for a normal jumbo and then layer a really really soft towel inside to make it fit snugly. It's probably worth giving a try.
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Ya guys, I think I am gonna take it back and bring my guitar with me, so we can size it there on the spot. Thanks a lot!