4 Albums that made you want to play music/ that changed the way you look at music

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Topic. basicly and say why it changed how you looked at music or inspired you

I did the search bar and saw nothing

For me...

1) Pork Soda - Primus (Changed the way i look at bass)
2) The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden (Showed me Metal music in general)
3) Awake - Dream Theater (It showed me how good you can be if you keep on practicing)
4) LIVE - AC/DC (First got me into music when my dad showed me it)
Check it out! If you do listen, ignore the bass playing on the songs. I recorded them when i was alot worse then i am now.

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Appetite For Destruction - Guns N' Roses
Elephant - The White Stripes
Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin
Heavier Things - John Mayer
Duke Ellington - If it sounds good, it is good.
Poodle Hat- Weird Al (made me love playing guitar with poodles on my head)
Flight of the Conchords- Flight of the Conchords (made me love business time)
Straight Outta Lynwood- Weird Al (made me love hardcore album covers)
Fat- Weird Al (made me love wearing five watches at once)
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1. 40 oz. To Freedom - Sublime (really got me into those off-beat style rhythms)
2. The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack - Sixx: A.M. (Just so much emotion)
3. Monsters and Robots - Buckethead (Made me love dissonance and half steps)
4. Audioslave - Audioslave (Well really, all of Tom's work made me love weird sound effects and all)
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Catch 33 - Meshuggah
Pale Folklore - Agalloch
Dopethrone - Electric Wizard
S/t - Jaco Pastorius

Runners Up
Embodiment: Collapsing Under the Weight of God - Sculptured
To the Nameless Dead - Primordial
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In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 - Coheed & Cambria
Kid A - Radiohead
Back In Black - AC/DC
Plans - Death Cab For Cutie
2112 - Rush

Notables are:

Thriller - MJ (Who doesn't love Thriller?)
Discovery - Daft Punk
Sailing To Philadelphia - Mark Knopfler
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1. Effigy of The Forgotten - Suffocation (Inspired me to use to Brutal Death Growl, and the fast picking is incredible, oh and blast beats are awesome)
2. Symbolic - Death (Just the things that Chuck did on the guitar were unbelievable, it also played a huge part in my bass liking)
3. Ride The Lightning - Metallica (First Metal album I heard)
4. Morningrise - Opeth (Deepened My love for the acoustic guitar)
Reinventing Axl Rose - Against Me!

there's only one that totally hit home for me. Great great album.

"we want a band that plays loud and hard every night, and doesn't care how many people are counted at the door, that would travel one million miles and ask for nothing but a plate of food and a place to rest"

greatest quote ever.. it's my senior yearbook quote from their song reinventing axl rose
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Between the Buried and Me - Colors
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik
City and Colour - Sometimes
City and Colour - Bring Me Your Love
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Kill Em All
Master Of Puppets
Ride The Lightning
And Justice For All

Someones not a Metallica fan! :P
Check it out! If you do listen, ignore the bass playing on the songs. I recorded them when i was alot worse then i am now.

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1.Ride The Lightning
2.Apetite for destruction
3.master of puppets
4.back in black
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Book of shadows 2?
Led Zeppelin II
Master Of Puppets
Monsters and Robots (the first music that I really got in to)
Define The Great Line
Ride the lightning - metallica: Introduced me to the awesomeness of metal

Rust in Peace - Megadeth: Introduced me to how aggressive and intricate thrash could be

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden: Made me appreciate melody and harmony rather than just awesome riffage

Sehnsucht - Rammstein: Made me appreciate awesome simple riffage.
1. Annihilation of The Wicked - Nile (how heavy i thought i was, got me into death metal)
2. Epitaph - Necrophagist (how good i thought i was)
3. The Fall of Ideads - All That Remains (changed what i thought about metalcore)
4. Speed Metal Messiah - Joe Stump (killed what guitar self esteem i had regained from when i first heard Epitaph)

goes from 1(oldest) - 4 (just this summer)
red hot chilie peppers-RHCP
the specials live EP
a poets life - tim armstrong
vulgar display of power - pantera
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rage against the machine - the battle of los angeles (started it all!)
children of bodom - hatebreeder
arch enemy - burning bridges
opeth - watershed (got me to appreciate subtle musical qualities)
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1) The Joshua Tree- U2. My favorite album and it led to my interest in really spacey, beautiful guitar work.
2) Roll the Bones- Rush. the first Rush album I heard (now my favorite band).
3) ágætis byrjun- Sigur Ros.
4) Evil Empire- Rage Against the Machine. Pretty much led me on my musical path in high school.
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Too fast for love- Motley Crue
Nevermind the Bullocks- Sex Pistols
Shout at the devil- Motley Crue
Raw Power- Iggy Pop and the Stooges


Theatre of Pain- Motley Crue
Girls,Girls,Girls- Motley Crue
36 Chambers- Wu Tang Clan
Crue Forever!!

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BSSM - RHCP: has the first songs i wanted to learn ever
RATM - RATM: Tom Morello was my first favourite guitarist
Machine Head - Deep Purple: introduced me into Classic Rock
Led Zeppelin II: my favourite Led Zeppelin album and the first Zep album ive ever heard
1 - Live at Budokan (Dream Theater) - Spectacular, introduced me to the idea not only prog metal but shred in general; Petrucci's brutal chops are still an inspiration.

2 - Erotic Cakes (Guthrie Govan) - Showed me everything that a guitarist could be capable of; stunningly technical, jaw-droppingly musical and excruciatingly well written.

3 - Cynic in general - Once I actually started thinking about the music it instantly inspired a new kind of riff style, similar to Cynic and Linear Sphere...I have as yet to actually finish a song but whatever

4 - Epitaph (Necrophagist) - Introduced me to the idea of death metal as a whole. Not the first DM album I bought but the first one I really LISTENED to rather than heard; again, jaw droppingly technical with moments of pure brutality and some moments of pure melody, rare though they may be.
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Iron Maiden - Killers (Got me into metal).
Pink Floyd - P.U.L.S.E (Got me into Pink Floyd).
Dream Theater - Octavarium.
Amaseffer - Slaves For Life.

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Dookie - Green Day - first decent music i ever listened too,
Back in Black- AC\DC - showed me that rock doesnt have to be pretty, polished, or pretencious it just needs to be
Bad Hair Day- Wierd Al- music needs to be fun
Stevie Ray Vaughn- you need to feel the music down to your bones
Apathetic EP-Relient K (it was the first rock album I ever got)
American Idiot-Green Day (eventually turned me to alternative rock)
Master of Puppets-Metallica (the first metal album I bought)
Rearviewmirror-Pearl Jam (opened me up lyrically and musically)
The Pit. The Movie.
morning view - incubus (was my first real CD, and made me wanna make music)
absolution - muse (realized how important bass is)
lost in the sound of separation - underoath (changed the direction of my band)
graduation - kanye west (great album, inspired me to keep working at what i want)
Revolutionary Vol 2 - Immortal Technique
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 - Coheed and Cambria
Abbey Road - The Beatles
Deja Entendu - Brand New

Notable others:

Billy Talent - Billy Talent
Desire - Bob Dylan
The Battle of Los Angeles - Rage Against the Machine
The New Reign - Born of Osiris
The Devil You Know - Todd Snider
Bruised Orange - John Prine
Kill 'Em All - Metallica
Animals - Pink Floyd
Illusion of Safety - Thrice

Needless to say I changed my list a hundred times before posting.
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A Night at the Opera - Queen
Kezia - Protest the Hero
Vheissu - Thrice
Alaska - Between the Buried and Me
Some Beatles album, I forget which one, Follow The Reaper by Children Of Bodom, This Godless Endeavour by Nevermore, Watershed by Opeth.
1. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
2. The Madcap Laughs - Syd Barrett
3. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
4. Quadrophenia - The Who
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Slayer - God Hates Us All
Symphony X - Divine Wings of Tragedy
Opeth - Ghost Reveries
Sunn O))) - White 1
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Ocean Machine - Devin Townsend
Randy Rhoads Tribute - Ozzy Osbourne
Beautiful Midnight - Matthew Good Band
...And Justice for All - Metallica

Some other major ones would be

In Absentia - Porcupine Tree
Damnation / Deliverance - Opeth
Alien - Strapping Young Lad
Follow the Reaper - Children of Bodom
Traced in Air - Cynic
Clayman - In Flames
Saturday Night Wrist - Deftones
The Dead Eye - The Haunted
Uroboros - Dir en Grey
Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera
The Blackening - Machine Head
Not really albums, but some composers and artists have changed my view on things. I didn't really like modern classical music until I heard Prokofiev. I liked Electronica, but Boards Of Canada REALLY got me into it. I didn't care for Modern Rock until I started listening to The Strokes. And I remember I started listening to Jazz a lot after this youtube video with John Coltrane and Miles Davis playing "So What?".
Appetite for destruction GnR (got me into guitar)
Experience Hendrix: Best of Jimmy Hendrix (70's music)
Mother Ship: Led Zeppelin (Another inspiration for guitar)
Kill em all: Metallica (got me into metal)
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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss Machine. Showed me for the first time that dissonance can be constructive, and playing fast, face-melting leads doesn't have to be soulless. Also led me to get interested in electronic music.

Incubus - S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Proved that rock is best when it's tight, not meandering.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. It took me several years, but I finally learned that textures are the basis for all music.

Opeth - Blackwater Park. Showed me that you can mix genres without sounding cheesy or self-indulgent.
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Believe it or not, I already had a little something prepared for just such a question. I was going to post it as a blog after I put up some real songs on MySpace. The songs I have now are just little experiments. Nothing I take too seriously. Link in sig.

The Thirteenth Step - A Perfect Circle (2003)
One of my favorite albums of all time. Truly a masterpiece of emotion. Every song moves me no matter how many times I hear it. A record that was vital in the development of my musical taste.

Lateralus - Tool (2001)
Far too much to say about this work of genius so I’ll just say that it changed the way I looked at life, music, art… everything. I am not the same person I was after hearing it.

MTV Unplugged in New York - Nirvana (1994)
Raw emotion laid out bare. One of the most honest and beautiful performances ever recorded. Consistently moving and entirely pure.

Cruel Melody - Black Light Burns (2007)
Another life changing album. The sound brought a whole different world into view and the way it was made and the reasons for its creation set the model for how I work and the way I create my music.
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System of a Down - Hypnotize/Mezmerize
System of a Down - Toxicity
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
Radiohead - Amnesiac

Squirreledit: Can't forget Pink Floyd - The Wall
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1.green day-american idiot(it got me into rock music,this **** is amazing i still listen to the whole thing at least once a week)
2. 3 doors down-the better life( made me want to play guitar)
3.pantera-vuger display of power(i heard walk and fuking hostile and that made me want to be a better guitar player
4.staind-break the cycle( one of the sickest albums ever made its what i listen to when i get depressed)
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Ride The Lightning - Metallica (Made me want to play metal. fuk yea)
August And Everything After - Counting Crows (Showed me that i have a love for soft, beautiful music)
Reign In Blood - Slayer (Influenced my lyrics and song writing to brutallness)
All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot (Showed me that you can have harsh, metal songs and very soft melodic songs too)
AC/DC - Live ..... got me into rock/guitar music
Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast ... introduced me to my favourite band
Opeth - Watershed ... realization that music didnt have to be fast to be beyond heavy
Gojira - The Way of All Flesh ... atmosphere is very important
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