Christmas is approaching quickly. Everyone has asked me what do you want? My response is........gift cards for my local guitar shop. Soooooo......I have about a grand to blow at the shop after Christmas.

I am tripping over Fender guitars right now, so no more Fender's for me right now.

I have no need for a new amp or any effects at this point, so I think it's time to add another guitar to the mix.

I'm not chasing any particular sound, I just want a different feel and look right now. The strat's and tele's are great, but 4 Fenders are enough.

Since my father has an LP (that he hasn't played in about 5 years) that he hasn't given me yet, I'm not gonna go out and throw 2 grand+ on a Gibson.

So for under a grand I'm looking at a couple. Number 1 being the PRS SE Singlecut (The Korean built one), the other being something in the Epi LP types.

I've played just about all of them. I like the sounds from just about all of them. I'm just torn on which to get.

Just wondering what everyone thinks is the best bang for the buck. Please don't reply with Get an Ibanez or a Jackson, etc.

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What amp do you have? I know you said you don't need to change it but it's still good to know anyway.
Either way, I play PRS's all the time and they are really nice feeling guitars.
Maybe you need a semihollow. Es-335?
i'd suggest an Epiphone semi-hollow or a PRS SE
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wrong forum dude

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Amps...I have a Line 6 Spider III which I only use when i need to be quiet (I just plug in the earphones and play away.

When I don't care how loud it is, I have a Marshall JVM210H w/ a Peavy cab.

I'm not a fan of semi-hollow guitars.
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go wit a prs se
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If you can live without a wammy bar, I'd strongly suggest you look into getting a Godin LG.

Great fit and finish, superb reliability, very reasonably priced, flexible sound, pretty exclusive, and generally speaking awesome action from the factory. Read the reviews for them on a couple of different guitar sites, and in magazines. They're very solid guitars.