I play rock, thrash, blues, and i'm getting into jazz so i need a decent neck clean tone. I currently have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I don't have a problem with the Les Paul part, but i dislike the tone of my epiphone, and the color, i can't stand to look at it, i hate the color (ebony, i liked it at first.) If i sold it and waited until summer, I would have around $600-800. I am willing to buy used. I just need a breath of fresh air and have been really getting tired of my guitar, and an upgrade would be nice.
So here's what I've been thinking. I could buy a used Gibson LP (studio or classic), get a used Gibson SG, used Gibson Flying V (i love these), I could buy a MiJ Strat on ebay then put on a slimmer 22 fret neck and put some kind humbucker in the neck, I could just paint my Les Paul and put in new pups. Out of those, the SG is my least favorite but tone wise it might serve me the best. But the others seem so much better for everything else.
I'll be playing through a Peavey C30, and tone wise I like Gn'R, Van Halen, Hendrix, Wolfmother, Zeppelin, SRV, and Metallica's late 80's rhythm tone, but not there lead tone. So what should I do?
If I were you I'd try and find a used Epi Elitist or the Classic.
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sounds like a les paul would be good
i love the studio
mostly because its the cheapest one and if i was to get one id get that one
but they sound and play great from what ive seen
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get a gibson flying v. you know you'll love it
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