I need help.
I really should play my guitar more but i havent sat down and seriously played it for ages.
I need something to inspire me to pick it up again, or something to get me back into it.
Any ideas??
buy some cds, read a book, watch a movie.

It's hard to find a muse, but it's almost impossible to make anything without one. So you need to look for it. Most musicians end up with music itself as a muse, or just one band in particular (porcupine tree). Most great music though, is made with something other than music as a catalyst for creativity (porcupine tree's "fear of a blank planet").
i dont know about you, but whenever i drink monster (yes, the energy drink) its gets me in a mood where i write the best/most complicated songs.
so, after ive figured that out, whenever i want to write a good song, i chugg a monster.
you need something like that.
maybe if you drink coffee, or some people can only write when they're high lol.
some people can only write songs when they're depressed.
.....mine is monster.....
you just need a "trigger", and once you find out what it is, you'll be fine.
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Go listen to songs that you think are really amazing! Or go watch videos on youtube of bands performing on stage. What I'm trying to say here is, you need a motivation to pick it back up. And some of those things that I just said, motivate me.