I am looking for an acoustic electric guitar that has a thin body. Something somewhat like the Fleetwood Mac Turner Guitar, except without the tailpiece. As for budget matters, any price will do, i would just like to figure out my options.

Thank You in advance
heh. Well, a little more realistic. I saw a guitar that had the body as thin as a Les Paul but it was an acoustic electric with nylon strings. Unfortunately, i do not remember what model it was. I was looking for something like that. Any ideas?
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wow.. i will have to show that to my 'rents...

they thought it was ridiculous of me to save up for a 300$ acoustic electric Ibanez.. then when i told them i wanted a Taylor with an expression system (2000$) before college they decided i was just a greedy bastard... if i show them this they will think it's like buying a gold plated laptop - useless and stupid
They can go for even more...but 9000 is quite the price.
i think i saw some sort of martin for $31,000 but honestly... honestly...

it claimed to be completely hand crafted and on the reviews i saw all negative comments about how it was a terrible guitar BECAUSE it was hand crafted.. obviously beautiful woods, ect. so it sounded nice, but there were tons of problems.. one guy said he went through 5 of them (got them replaced at the store under warranty) and another said the neck just continuously bowed back and then snapped all his strings... lol

anything over 10,000 for a guitar is just TOOO MUCH...

you're paying for diamond inlay at that point..

and i don't need that to enjoy my instrument

and for that flat guitar.. are you thinking of a Godin maybe?
Maybe a Taylor T5? If you plug in a lot I suppose that would work. And again, if you plug in a lot maybe go with an Ovation. But in all honesty I don't know what to tell you except:

The deeper the guitar is, the more "complex" the tone will be. Thin guitars generally sound, well, thin and expressionless when they aren't plugged in.
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