After updating the tuners and tremolo on my Strat copy, I'm planning on updating the pickups. I've decided on three, but am unsure which positions to put them in.

Arrangements are either:

Neck -> Wolfetone 'Flashback' (reverse stagger)
Middle -> Häussel 'Big Mag' (rw/rp)
Bridge -> Wilde 'L-500XL'


Neck -> Häussel 'Big Mag'
Middle -> Wolfetone 'Flashback' (reverse stagger, rw/rp)
Bridge -> Wilde 'L-500XL'

Obviously the L-500 is the high-output humbucker, so that stays in the bridge. It's the middle and neck I'm having trouble deciding on.

The 'Big Mag' is a medium-high output single-coil, with 6.5mm Alnico pole pieces, and it aims towards the P90 sound.

The 'Flashback' is a 60s style single-coil, output around 6k ohms, Alnico 5.

With setup 1, the outputs of the bridge and middle match more evenly, which would make for a smoother volume transition.

With setup 2, the sounds of the individual pickups seem more suited, less unusual configuration. Zeppelin at the neck, Jimi in the middle.

What are your thoughts?
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setup 1
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for the volume transiton, you dont want it to be quite,then its cranked from switching pups
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
Taking an Internet break for a while, will come on when I can.
I'd go with setup 1. The 60's style pickup is thin and weak by comparison to the other two. Putting it in the neck will help balance it all out and it'll mean you can get 3 usable pickups with just the flick of a switch. If you put the 60's style pickup in the middle then you are going to find yourself needing to adjust tone and volume every time you switch into or out of the middle position. So setup one will make your guitar more user friendly.
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OK, I guess that answers that! Sounds like the more logical thing is to go for setup1. Thanks for your help people.


CorduroyEW, I've read good things about your pickups on this site. I know that soundclips aren't always very reliable, but are there any examples of yours on the net?
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^I don't have much in the way of soundclips. I used to have soundclips but found that most people were listening to them through their horrible PC speakers which wasn't a good thing. To make things worse, my fingers are too old and arthritic to be able to move around a fretboard so my own playing skills are not all that great.

I do, however, have one clip of one of my PAF's that I am willing to share with people. It's in the neck of an $80.00 LP copy and it's playing through a tweed twin that I built.

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