im just getting into playing acoustic and the one i have is cheap who makes a good one and what do you look for in one
honestly i love my takamine, some people say it is cheap, but the sound it makes, amped or not ( it has built in pickups) is simply superb for how i play. What you look for in a quality guitar is a) solid top is generally sturdier, will create a better sound and lasts longer
B) the neck, is it cheap is it good
C) my biggest hangup, if the tuning pegs are crappy dont buy it
D) and MOST IMPORTANT, play it, if you dont like the sound try another. Try at least 3 before you choose one. When you have played all the ones you like take the one that you play and say.... this is mmmmmmm
play it in the most natural environment. the guitarcenter by me has an acoustic room. dont play in there. its designed to sound good. leave and play it outside and see how it is in a more natural environment.
I'm an Ovation fan myself. But everyone has their own opinion. Try a few and see what sound works best for you.
Finally a noobie acoustic player who asks "Who makes good acoustics" and "What do I look for?" instead of oMGz l00k aT tH!$ !bAN3z!!!!11!!!!!platypus!!!!!!

Ok, first of all, to give you good suggestions, we're going to need a price range. This is important because some brands that make great high-end guitars (>$1000 US), such as Martin and Taylor, make mediocre low end guitars (<$1000 US) that will have a high price tag that will only pay for the name on the headstock.

The guy that said the acoustic room in Guitar Center is made to make everything sound good is wrong. The acoustic room is built like it is to make sure proper humidity levels are kept. Acoustic guitars are sensitive little creatures. Of course the room is also built to have good acoustics (as in sound, not the guitars) but if you play a good guitar with proper acoustics next to a bad guitar with proper acoustics the difference will be even more distinguished.

The guy that said look for solid wood, most importantly a solid top, is dead on right. Solid wood > laminate. The vibrations can resonate better through solid wood and the tone of solid wood gets better with time, as opposed to laminate. In general the tone of a guitar with laminate woods will decay and become flat and expressionless, whereas a solid wood's tone will become more complex, or, in simple terms, better.

If price is no object, you can never go wrong with a Taylor or a Martin. I had the pleasure of playing a Taylor 814 CE today at Guitar Center. It was incredible. Of course, it also costs about $3000 US.
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