Does anyone think its possible to construct a pedal board made out of a 3 inch ringed binder or something similar? I want to try a build a really cheap board with some stuff laying around the house. So far I have:
1 Cardboard reinforced 3 inch binder
1 Cardboard reinforced 1 1/2 inch binder
Extra powersupply
Duct Tape
Standard Power Tools
Extra 6 inch guitar cables
Would I need anything else? Or is that enough to make a real cheap pedal board? Anything else you'd recommend?

I was planing to take one the binders and cut it up to build supports to put inside another one of the binders. Then glue or tape the supports in, drill some hole for the plug of the power supply to come out of, and Velcro my pedals on.
I don't know how long a binder would last with the pressure you'd be putting on it. I imagine when you stomp a pedal, you'd bend the binder down, and that would definitely wear out/be unattractive.
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dude. that's a great idea! you could transport it like the binder is supposed to be, and then flip it 359 degrees to have an angled pedalboard.. i'd find a way to reinforce it ifyou plan on playing it slanted, but if you just have it flat, then dude, great idea. that's all you need.. i'd consider getting like a paper sized sheet of metal/wood/plastic to put in the front label area for support and then just rock out. I think i might make one as the pedalboard i built (all wood) is insanely heavy.
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I'm gonna go with not gonna work simply becacue a binder could not with stand the pressure of the foot.

You know, a good idea would be to head down to your local Hardware shop and pick up.... some wood maybe?

Find a sheet of sturdy wood (can be any kind, what ever seems to be the be the best stength to wweight ratio). Using some contact cement slap on a piece of carpet that works with some velcro. and viola pedal bored.

Some extras I have done, at the hardware store find some rubber feet and nail/glue the suckers done.

And if you want to be real professional find a piece of right angle aluminum that would fit the height of the wood and wrap it around the outside, a couple of finsishing screws, and there you have anice professional edge.

Or you could use a binder and ductape. whatever works for you
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My pedal board is just a scrap piece of MDF(about $6 at local home center) cut to size some 3m heavyduty velcro ($15 at walmart) and 2 black drawer handles ( $3 at home center).

The 3ring binder isnt going to work
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