ok, I have an OLP MM1, I really like it as a guitar, and probably wont be getting another one for 5 or so years, so the thing is I was looking at replacing the stock pickups with something else, my question is would it be worth it?, also, if you think it would be, what do you think could be good pickups to do indie, a bit of metal and post rock, thanks.
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hey, I've been playing for 2 and a bit months, this Olp MM1 is my first guitar (I'm lucky to have it as a first guitar)

I don't know much about it, but my cousin who is experienced with this kinda thing recommended it to me, (He makes his own guitars). He said if I needed to replace anything it would be the pickups, thats all, then it would last me for good.

Emg pickups would be nice, lol but thats more than what I paid for the actual guitar.

But I think its worth changing them, because my cousin went out and bought one for himself, so it must be half descent.