I just got some money in the mail for christmas so I'm going to get a new pedal.

The only pedal I own right now is a Line 6 DL4.

I have about $80

I was thinking about getting a Digitech Bad Monkey to use as a boost for my gain channel. Would this pedal tighten up my sound?

Are there any other pedals that are worth checking out that are under $100?

Right now my only effects are delay, and the reverb built into my amp.
Save up and get a Tube Screamer. I had a Bad Monkey, and gave it away it because it sounded so bad.
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I've checked out the Bad Monkey before, but I haven't had a chance to try it. :[ Look on youtube and see some people playing it.
And I hear the Tube Screamer is really nice.
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bad monkeys are very nice for tightening up amps. definetely get one

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I suggest the BBE green screamer.

I like the bad monkey, but the BBE green screamer was a bit smother sounding to me.


If you can get an extra 100$.



you wont find a better pedal for 100 bucks.

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This pedal slaughters them all.
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