So I rented "The Constant Gardener" to watch tonight. It was a pretty good movie, kinda slow-paced but intriguing and with quite a few good scenes that seemed to balance out the bad ones.

Anyhow, I got to the last scene, a very climactic point. The main character is sitting on the beach where his wife was killed by hitmen, holding a gun and apparently contemplating suicide. A truck full of armed men approaches, as there's been a hit put out on him as well. Long story short, he knows too much. The men approach him, he does not turn to look at them. He grips his handgun and whispers his dead wife's name. Cut to a shot of birds flying over the river.

And then the $%#@-ing DVD skips. The birds freeze in mid-air and become pixelated. None of the DVD controls work. about five minutes later it un-freezes somewhere in the credits. The entire climax of the movie is not there. I take the DVD out and clean it, try it in two different players, nothing works. The disc has a scratch in it so deep it looks like it was grazed by a musket round.

Not only am I stark raving mad about this, but the whole movie was about 2 and a half hours long and British, so now I am thinking in an angry British accent. This is all a bunch of bloody bollocks and I'm never renting a movie from that particular bloke ever again. I'd fancy to pen up a lettre to the guv'nor and have that place shut down. He can kiss my arse if he thinks I'd pay even a sixpence for those shoddy discs. Maybe in Ireland, but certainly not here.
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Wow, SkyValley = Epic win.
Point is, I have no idea how the movie ended and I got my brain all Britished for no reason.

If anyone wants to explain how it ends to me, please by all means do not restrain yourself.
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Wow, SkyValley = Epic win.
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