Hi i have a question about soloing and which pickup should i use. Starting out i learned my basics through punk and power chords. most of the bands i listened to only had guitars with one pickup, so thats wht i soloed on; my bridge pickup. but as i started to progress, i started switching pickups for solos, for example, when i play Sweet Child O Mine its almost all on the Neck Pick up, or for any high fret board riff i use only my neck or middle pickup. While looking @ some youtube vids on sweep picking, a user said that learning it on your neck pick up is easier than on your bridge...so thats how i learned it...but if i attempt it on my bridge pick up, its extremly sloppy. Ik that the neck pickups have a 'smoother' sound, which means this can cover up a lot of mistakes. I'm just wondering if i should try and learn my solos on my bridge pickup only then or keep on doing wht im doing. cheers and thx
Use whatever pickup gives you the sound you want for what you're playing.
well won't hurt to learn the harder way, that would definitely improve your playing, and make playing on the neck pickup a lot easier later on.

I almost never use the neck pickup, often either the bridge humbucker or bridge + single coil (middle). I guess that depends on what guitar you have, but single coil pickups defo give a much better sound to, well, "one note at a time melodies" and tapping/legato sound much clearer.
Bridge pickup will give you that aggressive overdriven tone, neck is more smooth. It depends on what you're after. Neither is right or wrong, use what you prefer. Generally though a clean solo sounds better on neck pickup but then if your bridge pup has a tone knob it works well too. So find your own preferences
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