I received a Japanese Fender Telecaster Custom a while ago as a gift, and I was wondering if it's possible or worth it to change the single coil pickup in the bridge to a humbucking pickup.
I mainly play punk music so the sound I want requires fairly high gain. I play through a JCM2000.
The sound I get is still alright but the hum can get annoying at times and I was wondering if I'd get a better punk sound with a humbucker there.
I know that the Deluxe exists but I wouldn't be able to get it replaced and I prefer the tele neck to the strat style neck.
It is possible, several companies offer a single coil sized humbucker for Teles.

However, the Tele single coil in the bridge position is pretty much THE Tele tone. Take that away, and you've got something completely different. If that's what you're looking for (Which is the case with many guitarists in punk and indie groups these days...) then maybe this is the answer to your dilemma.

Here's some options:
I'd probably use the Little '59.
Thanks for the link buddy!
So I guess the Hot Rails pickup would be the best option for a punk sound? For bands like NOFX, Bad Religion, Green Day, Rise Against etc.
The Hot Rails is more muddy, more shrill.

The Little '59 is closer to a PAF humbucker sound. It's going to have a good midrange, and sound clearer with distortion.

IMO, neither of them are exactly like a humbucker's tone...since they're smaller. That said, they will be hum canceling, and be fatter than your current pickup.
So the Seymour Duncan Little '59 will fit perfectly when replacing the Telecaster Custom's bridge pickup?