This is basically half written.
I don't think I'll place a solo in there, but maybe a dark melodic bridge of sorts.

One thing that I feel about this is that---it's not brutal enough.
It's very discordant, yes, but it doesn't provide me with a sufficient visceral rush. It also lacks a powerful groove, which I felt is present in the main riffs of Elonia.

Midi definitely won't capture the true essense of music, but it should show enough.

Save any lengthy crits for when this piece is finished. A few pointers would be appreciated.
I'll still C4C, but again, don't go too in-depth.

Here ya go...

EDIT: Oh yeah, don't just agree with me (i.e. restate what I have said).
Length doesn't matter too much, as long as you give me a solid contribution.
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That was a pretty solid bit of death metal there. I have to say I don't see how it could sound much more brutal to be honest. It flows really nicely, no time signature changes feel forced or anything, but the whole thing still sounds extremely angry and powerful. I really enjoyed it. I like the idea of a dark melodic bridge as opposed to a solo. The discordant riffs in there were excellent, it was really well written. 9/10.

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I'm not too good with this kind of metal, but I think the problem you have with the brutalness, is that, its all brutal. Like its used through out, that it loses power. However I do think its plenty brutal. The problem was definately in the drums for me, it was fast bass for most of the first sections you know. If you broke up the rhythm a bit more I recon that would sort out most of the trouble you're having with it.

But definately do the melodic bridge thing though. That will help with diversity.

I dunno, maybe I've heard so much heavy stuff in my time, that it all sounds the same now, so maybe its just me being desensitised perhaps. Just mix things up a bit more rhythm wise and don't over used the double bass, and I think the parts with it will stand out as having a hell of a lot of drive, and thus be more brutal.

It may help. Not sure. Try it though. Either way it would make a difference for me in terms of musicality. And push this away from just more brutal metal stuff, and into the realms of the stuff you usually do. Its good don't get me wrong, but this new stuff you've been trying out isn't up to the interest of your old material, IMO.

Nice one though matey!