been interested in this for a while now... now that i have some cash the interest is up again. im looking to start keyboard/piano, gonna buy a keyboard but need some advise.

ive read most beginner ones are pretty much the same... pretty basic n get the job done. i was also told if i was going to be playing every day (which i probably will be) to get 77 keys. this led to my discovery of the yamaha dgx230. it seemed like a decent starter one that would last a bit but.,.. well, my knowledge is pretty much non-existant.

if anyone could help at all that'd be great
That's a good 'un. Versatile. Congrats on starting the piano, you're gonna love it once you get over the learning curve!
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you want one with velocity sensitive, semi-weighted keys (if you seriously want to learn piano and not keyboard parts you should get one with hammer weighted keys) .
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are you serious about learning piano or do you just want to try it out for fun?

I suggest you look into digital pianos more than keyboards, the feel is much more like a real piano

take a look at this one


RELATIVLY cheap, and quite a decent instrument, IMO.
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My advice is to get weighted keys. Whatever else you look for in a piano, get one with weighted keys (standard or GHS - doesn't particularly matter) if you're serious about it. Learning piano on synth action cannot be good for you.

By the way, all the keys in standard weighting will have the same resistance, while the higher keys in GHS weighting will be slightly lighter-weighted than the bottom keys. It's mostly a personal preference.

EDIT: ^^ I don't think digital pianos would necessarily be better than keyboards for learning purposes. Granted, it certainly can't hurt to have a digital piano; but so long as you have a keyboard with decent-feeling keys and a stand (and probably a sustain pedal), you should be okay in my opinion.
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It's easier than guitar, that's all I have to say.

That's not to say that it is easy, though. It's just easier then guitar, but both are still hard as **** to learn and master.

I hope you enjoy keyboard, it's underrated in modern music, I say.
thanks thus far. yes i am serious about learning. certain classic piano pieces are just incredibly awesome, and keys from certain artists (Rudess, Wiberg, two of my faves) really do it for me.

my problem with looking at most digital pianos was the costs... thus the dgx seems to be decent for a cheap(er) price. at ~$500aud (damn aus dollar) seemed like something i can both afford and stick with for a while. but i cannot see if it has weighted keys. hehe XD

are most basic ones pretty similar? should i look for a better keyboard or something?

the most important things are weighted keys, a sustinato (i think) pedal, and a decent dynamic range, if a keyboard/digital piano has those things, it'll be enough for the beginning.
I'm too tired to bother with exchange rates, but check out the Yamaha P-70. I think it comes with a sustain pedal and built-in speakers, so if you were to get it with a stand, you'd be pretty well off with a nice, basic rig.

At this point, I don't think you should bother with sequencers or synth voices or anything of the sort. I like playing around with them casually, but for your purposes, it would probably just be a waste of money.
No animals were harmed in order to bring you the above post. However, several photons were greatly inconvenienced.

Are you interested in keyboard or piano more?

If piano, then weighted keys will be best like most people are suggesting.
Be sure to be looking in the classifieds too. Around here there are almost always free pianos in the classifieds, all you have to do is go pick it up. Might require a tune ($70 or so) but that is still amazing for a piano. Or you could rent???
I played guitar for 5 years, then last year I switched to piano. I find it alot easier then guitar, but maybe that's just me. I know people that have played for 5 years and are just crap. (practice and motivation)

Anyway, when I bought my digital piano the salesman said the price of a digital piano is mainly based on the amount of different sounds that are programmed into it - If you tap a key lightly it makes a different sound if you tap it hard.

My piano will last me about 5 years, then I will wanne change to a better one - the salesman said. Which was about 2400 euro.

If you're really serious you should think about learning sheet music (no way around) and finding the sheet music. It's not always easy finding the sheets you want.
You could learn sheet music in a day with a good teacher, it's real easy with the right papers.

Good luck!
And if ya want I'll pm you my youtube channel so you could hear how a 1 year-guy sounds like
mmm lovely, thanks heaps.

guess ill head down to some shops... perhaps after xmas... talk to them there for specific models and costs in aud.

i was planning on doing sheet music... used to play sax and could sight read that, learnt it the proper way as opposed to my guitaring