Is it worth swapping a $700AU Japan made Telecaster Custom for a 1986 Gibson Les Paul Junior being sold at $1750AU? Would either of us be getting ripped? Perhaps it's a good idea to sell the Gibson afterwards and use the money to purchase a USA Telecaster Deluxe??
No I mean get rid of a Japanase Tele to replace it with a USA tele. Or perhaps even keep the Les Paul.
well, its really your own choice, id say keep the les paul lol but thats just my opinion, if you like the sound of the telecaster, trade him, sell the gibson, buy a tele again. its up to you, what kinda music do you play?
Well I play in a punk band which kind of plays around with different styles of punk and hardcore, but I also enjoy playing blues and jazz and things with clean sounds, which the Les Paul Jr wouldn't really suit..
telecaster ftw Id say If you can upgrade go 4 it. My tele through an Orange amp = pure secks
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And another question, are there USA made '72 Telecaster Custom Reissues or are they all Japanese and Mexican?
Surely Japanese tele's quality would be similar to an american one?
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