So i dont know what guitar to get.....
I love playing lamb of god, children of bodom, in flames, and some metalcore on the side..as i lay dying..then i also sometimes play like a7x, and then i have praise band i play on tuesday nights at my youth group...

It has to have a floyd rose and i might get a b52 AT-112 amp???[maybe]

I was thinking somewhere along the lines of Jackson Warrior WRXT or Jackson RR3 Rhoads.... i can spend about 500$...plus i will get EMG's later probably
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look into something like ESP EC 500...if i am not mistaken it already comes with emgs so it saves u the hassle later on...

EDIT : Forgot bout the floyd rose...then chk into the MH 400...or an ibanez....i am currently in the process of gettin one
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Id get an Ibanez rg 550/570 (1990s model) used with a maple fretboard. Oh and active pickups for a praise band would probably be a bad idea since EMGs only really shine with high gain tube amps. They wont be very warm clean.
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