well as the title says, too lazy to look it up in search , if its there, then its old, i need new responses .

so whats the hardest song YOU can play? im looking for some tough songs to try and play on acoustic .

im looking for great riffs, or songs, not classicial instrumentals, or ande mckee, or tommy emanuel stuff.

my 2 toughest songs i play have to be : blackwater park- opeth and under the bridge - RHCP

so yea post em up


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Attempt to play the Metal Version of The Four Seasons, you can search on Youtube for Alexi Laiho playing Four Seasons

I originally played this on electric guitar but I found it was a nice challenge to play it on acoustic.
The solos to Dead! by MCR. Hard

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probably Metallica - Master of Puppets

i can get about 90% of Paul Gilbert's Technical Difficulties, but not yet mastered so I don't count it...yet.
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Catching the light - Antoine Dufour =]

I love that song. I'm thinking about learning it.

I know For My Father, Dreamcatcher, and Nakagawa-San by Andy McKee.. they are all pretty difficult.. I don't really know which one is the most.
The hardest acoustic song I know is probably Roulette, by System Of A Down.
'I've always thought of you' by Tommy Emmanuel, I still have some of the ending to memories though. I'm not sure how you'd rate them into hardness, its just this took me the longest to get used to.
3 E's for Edward by Paul Gilbert
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I love that song. I'm thinking about learning it.

I know For My Father, Dreamcatcher, and Nakagawa-San by Andy McKee.. they are all pretty difficult.. I don't really know which one is the most.

Mate if you can play them songs by Andy Mckee, you will fly through Catching the light. The song is very easy! I have the tabs for it if you wish, just let me know if you want them!
I don't know which song is the hardest but Triumph - Moonchild, Laurence Juber - Lunar Eclipse and classical gas weren't very easy to learn
I'm a crap playing guitar noob, the hardest song I can do all the way through by memory is I Am The Highway by Audioslave. Keeping on practiceing though!
The hardest song I can play.. Hm. spontaneously, the first song that appeared in my head was Bark at the moon. Dunno have much time I've spend for this song but I still not manage it a 100 % correct. Well, I guess I just have to be patient.

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Cavatina by Stanley Myers

the song sounds easy, but is actually a bitch.


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that solo is just a really cool sounding bitch
All the Antoine Dufour songs I play are pretty damn tough. Those would be Spiritual Groove, Drac and Friends pt 1, Mother, Ashes in the Sea, Inspirations, and Toi et Moi. If I had to choose the hardest one, it would probably be Mother. The very end has a continuous Bass line as well as a melody at the same time at different rhythms, really hard to learn.

I dunno really. Maybe 'Sweet Potato' by John Renbourn. I love my guitar, but I don't play anywhere near as much as I should
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dreamcatcher - Andy Mckee
or Castles Made of Sand - Jimi Hendrix
idk, those are the first two that came to my head
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