Last year, I was lucky enough to receive a new guitar for Christmas. It was an Ibanez RG5EX1, and I could not have been happier. Over this past year I have developed and increased my skills tenfold.

The electric guitar that I had prior to this Ibanez, was essentially a Squire. While it wasn't a real Fender strat, it was the affordable substitute. I never truly hated playing it, but I never felt like the guitar and I were working as a pair (you other players should know what I mean).

When I began playing my Ibanez, I immediately felt like there was some sort of connection. Not in the"I fell romantically in love with an inanimate object" type of connection, but a sense that the instrument played the way I wanted it to and vice versa (Again, hopefully other players will understand what I mean).

How many others would say that they have one particular instrument that allowed them to become the player that they are today?

Pictures of that particular instrument would be nice as well. I have provided a picture that I took of my Ibanez RG5EX1(I took this as an artistic shot, I know that it does not show the whole guitar).

---Ibanez RG5EX1 & Montage
---DigiTech RP250 & Jamman Stereo
---Stagg S300 (The 'S' is for Sucks)
---Yamaha G-55A

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I have some pictures of a few of my guitars.
To be honest, I think it was my first guitar that made me play the way I do today. It doesn't have the best action on it, so it developed my speed and accuracy. It doesn't have the best tone, either. It's an acoustic, and I still use it when I'm practicing. I love me Gibson, which is far superior, but my first love and favorite will always be my Ovation. Oh, and this really old Ibanez acoustic from before the japanese bought the company that my dad has.
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I learned to sweep on my Ibanez, so I'd have to say the guitar itself had a hand in being the player I am now. They're such great guitars and so damn easy to play.
I'd have to say that every guitar I've ever owned has helped me play tenfold. My old Encore strat copy had the worst action, tone and playability ever, so it helped my speed and accuracy and the way I played notes, to make them sound the least amount horrible... My JEM's playbility and lovely tone has helped hone that, and my Yamaha RGX420 DZ in drop C has helped rhythm playing and chugs and stuff to no end.

I've only ever bought guitars that have sat right with me, and they just help me to no end. I've played identical models to the guitars I have, and they haven't sat right at all... Which I don't understand, but hey.