i'm worried about something.

it's really ****ing cold in my house, or heater is broke and i'm not sure when it'll be fixed (quite a costly repair) now i live in arizona, so i doubt the house every falls below 50 degrees. i'm going to have a humidifier for the guitar (one of the one that hangs on the strings) and keep it in a hardshell case when it isn't being played. what do i have to worry about, cold wise? also, i get fret buzz a lot on my cheap dean, do i have to worry about this on an acoustic if i'm taking these precautions?
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Humidity would be the major problem in Az. I used to live in Tuscon and it's drier than a popcorn fart down there, so guitars need extra amounts of water to compensate. It's also hot as hades there too, but from the sound of it, you might be farther north? 50 degrees is a bit cold, which means more water is needed as the air can't hold the moisture as well as warmer air can. As long as you've got a hard case and keep on top of the humidity your guitar will be fine.
If you're really concerned about the cold, why not just get a small space heater from Wal-Mart? They're only about $20.
The only time you will have problems with temperature is when you have drastic temperature changes. I think.

Actually, I think I might be wrong there.

Listen to Dave. Just get a space heater.
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