The New Year is a band formed by Bubba and Matt Kadane of Bedhead, Chris Brokaw of Codeine and some other guys that I can't remember. They have, I think, 3 albums to their name but I only have their self titled one which was released this year. It's great - probably my favourite album of the year.


any other fans?
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I have a copy of 'The end is near' somewhere. Wasn't one that immediately struck me when it came out but by the end of the year I listened to it quite a bit. Haven't heard anything since but definitely did enjoy them.
Hadn't ever realised the links either so that's quite interesting to find out.
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bumping despite the age because The End Is Near has hit me hard. what an album.

it is unfortunate that "18" is the second to last song because it makes "Stranger To Kindness" entirely forgettable.