If you hadn't guessed, I'm looking at some A/B boxes to buy.

Budget about £50 max, unless it's really a special case.

Will buy used, or online.

Needs to be able to do two guitars to one amp, and one guitar to two amps.

Suggestions, go.

EDIT: And because there's no point doing two threads, recommend me a good, cheap chromatic tuner -pedal-.

(I'm planning on starting a tiny pedalboard in the Jan sales.)
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Quote by GeorgeWFletcher
You could build one, it will be far cheaper that way.

Could someone give me a link to a detailed how to?

I probably could do it... very easily, if some internet man holds my hand throughout.
just remember, a straight A/B switch will just let you go between them. you cant use both at the same time or anything. for that you would need an A/B/Y switch (like the morley). however, if you just want A/B then its simple to build one. pretty much all of those schematics look like they are essentially the same thing, so it doesnt really matter which one you use.

oh, and for a tuner pedal, i recommend the korg pitchblack.