OK, so I can play a bit due to many years of classical guitar. However I love playing electric these days and have an Epiphone 335 and a Laney VC15-100 amp.

I picked up a BOSS DS-1 which is good fun.

However I was wondering what effects pedals to go for to suite the kind of music I play.

I am in to Suede / Bernard Butler in a big way and want to emulate some of the sounds they use. That kind of Indie / rock feel.

I have seen various BOSS pedals that look interesting but can not afford to gets lots in one go.

So what would you lot go for in a similar position?

Also, what do people think of the BOSS BCB-60 pedal case? I hear the plastic clips keeping it shut are a bit weak but its good other that that.

I like the idea of building up a collection of BOSS pedals and keeping them in a case. Any ideas?

Finally I read that having something like the BOSS GE-7 Equalizer Pedal and the NS-2 Noise Suppressor is a good idea. Or am I overdoing it?!!!!!

Thanks in advance.