I am thinking to put new pick ups on my guitar. Is a cheap yamaha with and agathis body but its build quite solid in terms of body and neck. i know agathis is a cheap wood but is not so bad. Is a SSH so i want to put lace sensor dually red/silver and gold in the middle and then some pickup good for a clean strumming sound. maybe a blue lace sensor.

Something similar to a neck pickup an a strat.

What doy you recommend.

Sorry bad english.

Also what are some good midprice tuners.
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not to sound like a dick, but you should do some research on your own. i am doing a similar build with my Yamaha, and i had to do research to get all the things i wanted
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i agree with you the blue lace would be allright. For tuners i'd get grover or schaller.
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are the planet waves good quality? (at least compared to the likes of schaller)
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