I am planning on buying the tiny terror head, and would also need a new cab. I was thinking avatar, but an not sure whether i should get a 2x12 or 4x12? Also what speakers would you recommend for that classic rock, maybe some blues tone? Also If i am only getting one cab, should I get the 16 ohm or the 8 ohm? It has two 8 ohm inputs and one 16 ohm input. Thanks in advance.
I'd recommend a 1x12 or maybe 2x12. The TT is only 15watts, so it'd be able to push a smaller cab a lot better.


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Yea get a smaller cab, a small head running a big cab will sound ****ty.

You should find a dealer around where you live that stocks orange amps and just mix and match with different cabs and see what you like.

Personally I'm going BIIG Ampeg 450 bass head with a Traynor 8x10 cab and two 18 inch speakers on the side.. It shall be epic :P:
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I'd recommend a 1x12 or maybe 2x12. The TT is only 15watts, so it'd be able to push a smaller cab a lot better.


orange heads are great but im not a fan of thier cabs so id recomend a marshall if you can get one used for a good price
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if you get a 16 ohm cab now, you'll be able to add another 16 later on where as if you get an 8 that's the only one you can run at once.

i'd suggest either a 1x12 or 2x12 w/vintage 30's.
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2x12 avatar, orange/wheat, with Vintage 30s, Alnico Blues, or Greenbacks, mainly depending on if you wanna run a bigger amp thru it later. The colors would almost perfectly match your amp, too
Orange cabs are rather overpriced but are pretty good.

1x12 will be fine, or even a 2x12 if you can afford it, the stock speakers are pretty damn good too.

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I really want to get a Tiny Terror + a 1x12 Avatar orange/black cab. It'd be great for my really small coffehouse gigs and stuff.

Supreme sexyness, about $700 overall
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Sorry if I'm hijacking his thread, but this is related (I'm getting a TT with what qotsa1998 said) and I feel OP's questions have been answered. Avatar doesn't ship to Europe, is there another cheap, quality cab maker that ships to Norway?
The closest thing I have seen to avatar in Europe is Harley Benton, I don't know the quality because I haven't played one. I also am not sure if they ship to Norway. Good Luck though man, I can't wait till i get my TT and cab. BTW, i am getting it brand new for $350, when i got my ME II, they gave me a card that gives me $200 off any orange amp head.
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Get a 2x12 w/ Celestion Blues wired for 16 ohms. They're 15 watt AlNiCo speakers which should fit nicely with a low wattage head.

Avatar is the cheap cab option but their cabs are still pretty good. If you have a bit more to spend, look at Mojotone cabinets. Pick up a 2x12 for about $400 US and then fill it with Weber Blue Dogs (15 watt AlNiCos).
I personally like orange cabs, but only look for the one's that are larger in cab size, but with the least amount of speakers, (if this makes sense?), There larger 2x12's sound amazing IMO than when compared to there all squeezed in 4x12
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orange heads are great but im not a fan of thier cabs so id recomend a marshall if you can get one used for a good price

uh why? explain in detail.

Im guessing you don't have very good ears or are just lying and have never played the Orange cabs.

They are superior in every way.

Bass response, high end, tightness, openness, projection - i can go on.

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That is very personal. If your opinion was the only truth, it's odd that you see marshall cabs on so many more stages than you see orange cabs. Honestly I dont think there is a great deal of difference. Orange do however seem to have a better build quality than the newer marshalls. I would say htough that the HW 2x12 cab I run is an exception to this tendency, that, and the name is the reason I bought it.

I think that a head and cab looks great if names/color/style are matching. And If you go with a decent quality, the speakers really are what matters.

For you TS, the aforementioned Celestion alnico blues would be great, But also look at the classic G12H's. I run 2 of those for my 20watt head, and it's really great. Theyre brighter sounding than the blues, and have 30 watts each, so are less prone to speaker distortion, whereas the Blues are darker;warmer and likely will be distorted a bit from your amp when it's cranked, as it easily surpasses the 30watts of handling you would have at hand. One of these options I think will suit you perfectly. Just have to find out which Good luck.
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