Heyo gents and ladies I was just wondering, I recently acquired an acoustic guitar, some picks and a rabid desire to learn yet no day time to do it.

my tools are
my guitar
my ritualistic late nights
feverishly large interest in learning.

The internet is a vast source of information however not knowing two dimes worth about guitar and how you'd go about exactly playing one I am left with this ocean of information quite relevant to my interests with no where to start. essentially my point laid bare is or rather my question to you all is this; what tools,information, things do I need.

what are some cool resources online to help?
what do I need to know to pick up the guitar and actually progress in a positive and effective manner.
and lastly,
what questions also should I be asking exactly? a bit vague so I'll try to be more to the point, if things could also be left/said that with the almighty powers of the interweb I could research, basically a start point to the endless search of knowledge and what not.

Any information is valued and appreciated throughly, I'm completely at a loss lol. Maybe I'm pinning this a tad larger then I should be, but I just want to ask the right questions, have the available tools for my resources and be in the right direction.
Look up your favorite songs and try to play parts of them.
This website is amazing for recources and tabs.
Look up videos of techniques you hear about.
Look up more videos and lessons, even if you already know how to do it some people explain things better.
Watch videos of great players and look at how they play.
Do scale runs.
Use a metronome.
Play song you like that are easy all the way through.
Learn the pentatonic scale and practice it alot.
PLay some easy solos.
PLay harder riffs.
Play harder solos.
Develope better technique.
Learn harder techniques and phrasings, more scales etc.

Hope i helped.
Youtube is your friend.
So is google.

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I think the best place to start is to find a bunch of songs you like. Learn the chords for those songs. That's how I started.

As stated above, Youtube is DEFINITELY your friend.
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Yes, YouTube is good.

Also, learn what you want to. If you want to become the world's greatest shredder, learn metal techniques. If you want to be the next Stevie Ray Vaughan (the greatest blues guitarist of all time IMO) then learn blues and improvisation techniques. If you want to be the guy that strums out the chords to a bunch of songs around the campfire, work on strumming technique and learn every chord known to mankind, [SILLYNESS] And some chords known only to dolphins and pick gnomes. [/SILLYNESS]

Learn what you love. Love what you learn. And welcome to the wonderful world of guitar!
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Where to start though? chords and frets for example, what or where would I go to learn these things online? I need a place to figure out the basics so I can build on them.

maybe a list of the basics and if possible ways or places online (free please lol) that would build to me getting these.

I'm going to go buy the proper literature and information needed later on to assist me but I'm flat broke and have no time for the next bit (Christ mas is brutal on the paychecks)

what did you guys do the first month you picked up a guitar? what would you recommend someone use their first month learning? what would be the one thing you wished you worked on within that month that you didnt know but do now?

things like these are what give out the karate chops.
Well this site has hundreds and hundreds of lessons. The beginners guide to guitar is a great place to start and covers all of the basics you will need to start out with.

The first month is when I worked on basic chording quickness. Try this simple progression: G Major, E Minor, C Major, D Major. Play each chord 4 times through a down-down-up-up-down-up strum pattern. Once you can switch between the chords without pausing for very long, play each chord through the progression 2 times. Then 1. Then half-progression. Ex. G down down up Em up down up C down down up D up down up.

That is basically all I did the first month. Also look for songs you like and try to play them so that you have something fun to practice chords on.

And again, check out the beginners guide to playing guitar. It really is a great series to follow if you want to improve at a fairly quick rate.

Good luck!
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try starting with chords like G and Em and that kind of stuff with first no strumming patterns but switching from em to a2 and am to c stuff like that that's wut i did then u move to fingerpicking and harder stuff idk hope this helps
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Quite easy once you get it

Notice the G after pretty much every note, it isn't in the video, but you need it.


How it should sound

Any questions, just ask. Unless it is about the Outro, coz I haven't done that bit yet.

And yes, it does sound like it is played on 2 or 3 guitars, which is why it's so cool to play it all on one!

Also look at "Come as you are" by Nirvana, easy as hell.
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