i just read in guitar world eddy van halen saying he refrets his guitars every couple months. does this sound kinda crazy to anybody else?
that sounds a bit often to me
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ya can do that when ya have more money than to know what to do with.. seems kinda pointless to me unless your frets really have worn away THAT much,but i doubt they could in a couple of months.
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I think it was because he liked his frets a certain way. Tall and skinny, that it was more accurate for intonation, also he was pretty rough on them and this was during when they were touring. Anyways I highly doubt you'll need to ever refret a guitar, maybe once every 15-20 years if it lasts you that long.
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yeah i read that and was like wtf? i've never changed frets on a guitar, that seems kinda stupid thing to do if it doesnt need to be done
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I've never heard of anyone refreting a guitar more than once. Frets should last you a good 20 years unless you are HEAVILY playing them all the time. And by that time, you prolly bought another guitar.
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You can only refret so many times before the slots in the fretboard would be to wide to be of any use. So if he did it 2 times a year wouldnt take long before the guitar would need to be retired, a new neck or fretboard. How long frets last is up to the player. A new guitar with the soft metal they use in guitars now I can waste the frets in a few weeks. My 83 MIA fender took 10 years to tear em up. Now I use stainless so not really an issue anymore.