hey, im learning the enter sandman solo, i always thought i was crap at solos but im doing pretty well with the enter sandman solo, but when i try to do the hammer-on on the following lick the second note doesnt sound, or if it does its really quiet

|--------15---------- 15---------

is it my skill or my guitar? im using a fender squeir strat and my amp is a frontman 15g with the settings at

Drive volume: 2 (i cant play loud or my parents get pissed off)
Gain: 6
Treble: 6
Middle: 1
Bass: 8

if its my skill and not my guitar please tell me what i might be doing wrong
I would put a more treble and mids in.
Thats always a good Kirk tone. And it might be your technique
First of all, that's a pull off (the opposite of a hammer on.) TO get adequate volume, make sure youre pulling in a downward direction, not just lifting your finger off the fret.
technically speaking thats a pull off from 17 to 14
if you dont pull off quick and clean enough then your finger on the the 17 will mute the string, just keep practicing
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