All right, so I decided I'm going to sell my Crate flexwave half-stack, I kind of liked the way its clean channel sounded but damn, it all ****ed up, the company sent me another one and the one i received had the exact same problem out of the box ( of course, first time I used the replacement one was at a gig yesterday)
so now, i don't even know how much i can get out of it, i'm going to order another new one and sell that one, i guess i could get like 250-300 canadian $ out of it, is that possible? it was worth somewhere around 600 new, and well it's actually going to be new since i'll sell one that's never been played.
so now the question is: what can i replace it with? i don't want another half-stack, too much trouble to carry around and kind of pointless. I want a combo, and I'd like a tube combo actually, somewhere around 30-50 watts i'd say. My budget would be around 600-800 CAD, I play stuff such as Placebo, Depeche Mode, cranberries, as well as original compositions (on myspace: www.myspace.com/eldenband ).

so yeah, any suggestions?
edit: I use a sh*tload of effects and I'd rather have a good clean channel than a good distorted one
check out the bugera 333 212 combo. Its a tube amp and very loud, good clean and dsitortion.
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You seem to gig, so the perfect amp for breath taking cleans that can handle pedals pretty well:

Hotrod Deluxe (Amazing cleans; more gain for a classic rock sound)


Blues Reissue (Amazing cleans based on a blues dirty sound; like said its more bluesy sounding, Tweed type)

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thanks, i'll check out the hot rod deluxe and bugera that's for sure, they look interesting for me=) just a question though... I was told that it's really easy to break the tubes so now i'm worried that it'll break when i'll move it around for the gigs.. is it really that easy to break a tube?
To break them? Just be careful. I carry about a 80lbs Rivera 212(its older than me with the original tubes about 10 years old since the previous owner didn't use it due to wattage) and they haven't bursted into pieces while moving or gigging so just treat it with care.
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Either you remind her of a girl, or she's not a lesbian.

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Jabba's real name is Katie.
all right, will do
so the bugera amps seem pretty hard to find around here, i'll see if i can find one, if i can't i'll look at the hot rod deluxe
i heard the crate V50 is good too, but i don't know, with the experience i've had with crate...
what about the peavey valveking, is it good at all ? and i think there are traynors in that price range too, are they worth a look? my keyboard amp is a traynor yorkville and i love it..